Circulating Spaces: Podcast Series

I co-founded Circulating Spaces with Samantha Wallace in August 2017. Generously funded by the Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures at the University of Virginia as a part of the Public Humanities Lab, Circulating Spaces is a podcast series that explores what it means to engage with literature as a global-scale community. Circulating Spaces investigates how literature — especially world literature — brings us into contact with one another, and how our shared interests might help illuminate larger networks of people around the world invested in protecting and supporting the arts. Rather than offering a definition of world literature as a genre for classifying texts, our project connects translators, teachers, scholars, writers, and beyond, in order to explore the implications of the larger literary ecosystem. From August 2017-July 2018, Christian Howard and Samantha Wallace served as the Principle Investigators, co-producers, and co-hosts of Circulating Spaces; from August 2018-July 2019, these duties were taken over by Christian Howard and Ankita Chakrabarti.

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